New “High Resolution Diamond Target” improves long-term stability and accelerates CT-scans

18. June 2014

High Resolution Diamond Target

The new High Resolution Diamond Target for microfocus transmission tubes accelerates computed tomography applications significantly and increases long-term stability of radiation.

Long-term stability of radiation, which is achieved by an optimized heat deduction of the new target, is important in many applications. These can be e.g. long-term inspections in semiconductor industry as well as complex applications in research and development. Applying the High Resolution Diamond Target in microfocus mode, users can considerably reduce scanning times of high resolution computed tomography scans or inline inspections. The new target allows a higher target power per unit of area which enables a smaller focal spot size compared to High Resolution Target.

The High Resolution Diamond Target is a transmission target consisting of a diamond substrate with an ultra-thin tungsten layer. It is the perfect solution for all applications at resolutions lower than one micron (µm). These are often required in high-resolution computed tomography inspections.

X-RAY WorX transmission tubes of product line TCNF will be delivered with the new High Resolution Diamond Target. Optionally it is also available for the product line TC.

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