X-RAY WorX achieves certification according to the French standard specification NF C 74-100 for their X-ray tubes XWT-160-THE and XWT-225-SE

9. July 2014

All X-ray systems that are installed and operated in France must be approved by the ASN (Autorité de sûreté nucléaire, engl.: Nuclear Safety Authority). On behalf of the French Government the ASN supervises the technical safety of irradiation devices and monitors the compliance with radiation protection in France.

The process of approval of an X-ray inspection system or CT-system can be shortened significantly when the X-ray source and its components are certified according to the French standard NF C 74-100. Now, X-RAY WorX has completed this certification for its transmission tube XWT-160-THE as well as for the reflection tube XWT-225-SE.

The certification was granted after an extensive audit of technical and safety-related aspects by accredited laboratory “Bureau Veritas”, one of the leading companies in the field of conformity testing and certification services.

All partners of X-RAY WorX with French customers as well as French end-users who plan to install the X-ray tubes XWT-160-THE or XWT-225-SE in their systems will benefit from the certification according to the NF C 74-100 standard, which simplifies and accelerates the approval by ASN considerably.


Microfocus X-ray tube XWT-160-THE


Microfocus X-ray tube XWT-225-SE

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