X-RAY WorX offers you a comprehensive service package around your X-ray systems. We ensure the availability of your X-ray system through regular maintenance, repair systems quickly and reliably and provide a fast spare parts shipment.


Project support

A competent team of experienced developers, service engineers and partners enables us to support complex projects – from evaluation, consulting and procurement to installation and subsequent services. Please contact us if you need an independent assessment of the feasibility of new projects and applications.

    • Evaluations and tests
    • Custom developments


Service technicians from X-RAY WorX install the new X-ray system on site if required and support you during commissioning.


CE certification

X-RAY WorX supports you with the CE certification of your X-ray system.


Spare parts

Most of the common spare parts are kept in stock in our well-organized warehouse. This enables us to supply spare parts quickly and reliably. The availability of spare parts at short notice is an important prerequisite for the effective operation of your microfocus X-ray system.



X-RAY WorX offers maintenance of open microfocus X-ray tubes. Regular maintenance of your microfocus X-ray system is a prerequisite for high availability and a long service life of the system. We offer different packages, which you can also combine individually.

    • General system check-up
    • Annual and semi-annual preventive maintenance
    • Flex-PM for intensive operation


X-RAY WorX offers repairs of open microfocus X-ray tubes. Please contact our service department if repair of your X-ray system is required.

    • Online diagnostics
    • On-site support
    • Spare parts service
Weitere Dienstleistungen

Further services

Due to the long lifetime of X-ray systems with open microfocus X-ray tubes, a considerable number of older X-ray systems are still in operation with considerable success. We offer long-term support with preventive maintenance, repair, spare parts supply and application training.

Because we have many years of experience working with a wide variety of different microfocus X-ray systems, we offer services not only for X-RAY WorX microfocus X-ray tubes, but also for X-ray tubes and inspection systems from other manufacturers.

The following X-ray systems are actively supported by X-RAY WorX:

Microfocus X-ray systems

  • Multilayer measurement and drilling systemFXS-100.82
  • Feinfocus FXS-100.10/11
  • Feinfocus FXS-100.20/21/22/23/24, FXS-160.20/21/22/23/24
  • Feinfocus FXS-160.30/31/32, FXS-225.30/31/32
  • Feinfocus FXS-160.50/51/52
  • Feinfocus FXS-160.72, FXS-200.72
  • Feinfocus F3D-160.10 (µ3D Visualizer)
  • Comet FXS-160.40 (Tiger)
  • Comet/Yxlon VXP-160.16 (Cougar FA)
  • Comet/Yxlon VXP-160.15 (Cougar SMT) incl. CT-Modul
  • Comet/Yxlon FOX-160.25, FOX-225.25 (Fox), inkc. CT-Modul
  • Yxlon Y.Cheetah, incl. CT-Modul

Microfocus X-ray tubes

  • Feinfocus FXE-160.20/25, FXE-225.20/25
  • Comet/Yxlon FXE-160.45/48/50/51 incl. rod anodes
  • Comet/Yxlon FXE-225.45/48/50/51 incl. rod anodes
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