Microfocus X-RaY Tubes

X-RAY WorX GmbH is one of the leading global suppliers of high resolution microfocus tubes for non-destructive testing, computed tomography, and metrology in industry and science.


High-resolution microfocus X-ray tubes are used in aerospace, automotive, and electronics industry as well as in scientific research.

Typical applications are the high-resolution computed tomography of electronic and mechanical components, the testing of weld seams and investigation of castings by digital radiography (DR), and two- and three-dimensional inline X-ray inspection in the production environment. X-RAY WorX products are also applied in research on phase-contrast computed tomography, dual-energy computed tomography and laminography.


High power X-ray tubes


High resolution X-ray tubes


Submicron resolution X-ray tubes


Rod anode X-ray tubes

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X-RAY WorX develops and produces open, high-resolution microfocus X-ray tubes for industrial X-ray inspection and computed tomography.

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X-RAY WorX offers a wide range of services, including the successful Microfocus Training Week.

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Microfocus technology is a special X-ray based technology for non-destructive testing to detect smallest defects.

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X-RAY WorX is not selling directly to end-users.  We work together with highly qualified partners all over the world.

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