Improving operating life of 300 kV microfocus X-ray tubes with spring-loaded high voltage connectors

3. January 2023
Garbsen, January 3rd, 2023. Spring -loaded high voltage connectors are increasing maintenance intervals and help to improve the lifetime of high voltage cables. X-RAY WorX offers high voltage cables with spring-loaded R30 connectors for their X-ray tubes with nominal voltage of 300 kV.

The regular maintenance of the high voltage cable is very important to avoid arcing in the receptacle. Spring-loaded high voltage connectors simplify the maintenance process by giving a clear indication about the required pretension during installation. This is achieved by compatible clamping sleeves and compression rings that give a visual aid during installation and maintenance. Spring-loaded connectors improve the lifetime of the high voltage cable by keeping a constant pressure in the receptacle.  This helps to avoid arcing between the high voltage connector and the receptacle even if the silicon grease has almost dried. Ita so prevents the rubber cone of the connector from bulging which might damage the cable inside.

High voltage cables with spring-loaded connectors are available as an option for the X-RAY WorX products XWT-300-SE, XWT-300-CT, XWT-300-CT Plus, and XWT-300-THE Plus.

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