Redesign and availability of JIMA resolution test charts

12. April 2022

X-ray resolution test charts of the Japanese association JIMA support manufacturers and operators of high-resolution X-ray systems in the periodic validation of image quality. Common areas of application are industrial radiography and high-resolution computed tomography. Currently, only two of the four JIMA resolution tests are available.

The popular resolution test RT RC-02B is no longer available since November 2020. JIMA has announced the new version RT RC-02C for April 2021, but it is not yet available. The reason for the new development is the increase in the absorption of the line patterns. This is to be achieved by changing the material of the lines from tungsten to gold. Furthermore, the thickness of the silicon carrier is to be reduced.

The JIMA resolution test RT CT-01 with patterns from 3 to 7 microns is used to validate the three-dimensional resolution of computed tomography systems. It is also no longer available since March 2022. A new version is currently being developed and should be available in summer 2022, according to JIMA.

The JIMA resolution test RT RC-05 with line patterns between 3 and 50 microns has been slightly revised and has been available in the version RT RC-05B since 2021. The design and thickness of the line patterns of RT RC-05B have not been changed. The protective film has been converted to 0.05 mm polyester instead of 0.1 mm evaporated aluminum to reduce absorption and improve contrast. The dimensional tolerances of the patterns with 3 and 4 microns line spacing were increased from 10% to 15%.

The resolution test JIMA RT RC-04 with line patterns down to 0.1 microns is available. It can be used as a substitute for RT RC-02B. The disadvantage, however, is its significantly higher price.

X-RAY WorX distributes JIMA resolution test charts globally. In case of questions, please contact one of our local partners or X-RAY WorX directly.