X-RAY WorX products certified according to the French norm NFC 74-100

10. January 2023
Garbsen, January 10th, 2023. In the year 2022 X-RAY WorX certified three models of their series of microfocus X-ray tubes according to the French norm NFC 74-100. The certifications help customers and system manufacturers to simplify the approval process of their X-ray systems in France. According to French regulations, X-ray systems must be approved by an authorized body before being put in operation in France. The norm NFC 74-100 comprises several technical requirements for X-ray sources. It is nor a strict requirement to use certified X-ray tubes, but several elaborate tests can be bypassed if the verification according to the French norm NFC 74-100 is available. X-RAY WorX has achieved the certifications for their products XWT-160-THE, XWT-225-SE, and XWT-240-SE several years ago. Due to the requests from OEM customers, additional products have been certified in 2022, namely XWT-300-SE, XWT-190-SE, and XWT-160-TCNF Plus. The products certified according to NFC 74-100 cover a wide range of applications. If the requirements come up that demand certification of an additional model of X-ray tube, X-RAY WorX will work with their customers to perform the required tests and achieve the certification in due time. In case of questions regarding certification, please contact your X-RAY WorX sales department.