Increasing efficiency in software integration with X-SIM

15. November 2017
Integrating hardware components into the control software of a computed tomography or digital radiography system is a complex and time consuming task. To support this process by allowing software developers to work independently of the actual hardware, X-RAY WorX has implemented the simulation tool X-SIM.

With X-SIM any type of X-ray tube may be simulated. It allows developing and testing custom software on a single PC without access to the PLC of the tube. Furthermore it allows the user to trigger various regular but also exceptional events like execution of auto functions, open interlocks, low vacuum, arcing, or a broken warning light.

X-SIM may also support you in training of users and field service engineers on the operation of X-RAY WorX tubes using the operating software X-COM.X-SIM is available to OEM customers and system integrators on request.

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