New version of operating software X-COM released

5. June 2017

In April 2017, the new version 1.6 of the X-COM software has been released. X-COM gives access to all major functions of an X-RAY WorX tube. It may be used as an exposure timer for RT or CR applications and allows service engineers to test and analyze the proper functionality of an X-ray tube. The new release is focused on the measurement and monitoring of system conditions. It offers an extended support for maintenance and diagnostics by providing a number of very helpful tools. 

New features:

  • System states: An overview of the major system conditions at a glance. Experienced service engineers will love this feature that was developed based on requests from X-RAY WorX service staff.
  • System timers: The lifetime of the current and consumed filaments as well as the operating hours of the X-ray tube, idling time, and standby times are reported.
  • Self test: The controller of the tube performs various tests automatically and issues a comprehensive report. A useful feature to monitor the tube conditions and verify maintenance or repair work.
  • Fine tuning of focusing: Micron scale applications may require the tuning of the focus current before starting the scanning process. The modified values may be stored and used throughout the current session until the machine shuts down.
  • Target emission current ratio: Monitoring thermal and magnetic impact on the electron beam. Centering will be recommended in case of significant variations
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