New version of JIMA resolution test chart RT RC-02

17. February 2021
The Japanese Inspection Instruments Manufacturers’ Association (JIMA, has announced a new version of its popular X-ray resolution test chart. The version RT RC-02B will be replaced by the version RT RC-02C.

The purpose of the new development is increasing the absorption of the resolution line patterns with micro- and nanometer spacings to achieve higher contrast in X-ray imaging. The absorption material will be changed from tungsten to gold. Furthermore, the thickness of the silicon base will be reduced. The layout of the resolution test patterns will remain unchanged.

JIMA is expecting to complete the development of the new version RT RC-02C and the production of the first lot by the end of April 2021. The current version RT RC-02B is just sold out. In cases of urgent demand, we recommend using the alternative test charts RT RC-04 or RT RC-05. For more technical details, please contact your X-RAY WorX service department.

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