New submicron-resolution X-ray tubes with 225 kV and 240 kV

15. April 2020

Target cooling now available for highest resolution tubes with 225 kV and 240 kV.

The product line TCNF Plus addresses scientific and industrial applications with demand for highest resolution down to 0.5 microns. X-RAY WorX extended its TCNF Plus product line with two models of 225 kV and 240 kV maximum voltage – XWT-225-TCNF Plus and XWT-240-TCNF Plus.

The most remarkable features of the product line TCNF Plus are the target cooling and the internal cooling of the tube head. This combination offers up to 50 W target power and provides the highest degree of focal spot stability. High resolution CT applications in industrial metrology and material science profit from the increased accuracy of measurement results. TCNF Plus tubes allow high resolution as well as high power applications to reduce scanning times. They can be operated in various scenarios with high flexibility.


Microfocus X-ray tube XWT-225-TCNF Plus

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