High-resolution transmission X-ray tube with 80 watt target power for inline quality inspection

6. October 2020
X-RAY WorX increased the maximum target power of its high resolution microfocus X-ray product line THE Plus to 80 watt. The transmission tubes cover a range of resolutions from 2 microns to 20 microns at up to 80 watt target power. The new version is optimized for inline computed tomography and laminographic applications with 100% quality testing in the production line.

100% X-ray inspection of additively manufactured parts, high-power modules, and battery packs profits from high performance X-ray sources with micron resolution. The further development of the established THE Plus X-ray tubes was driven by requirements from the industry to shorten the scan times. The scan time is inversely proportional to the X-ray intensity and target power. By increasing the target power, scanning times can be reduced, which leads to an increase in efficiency in quality inspection in the production line.

By improving the heat transfer from the transmission target to the internal heat sink, the engineers at X-RAY WorX have developed an X-ray tube that enables stable operation at 60% higher intensity compared to the standard version of THE Plus. The diagram below shows the differences in the achievable target current at 50 watt and 80 watt target power. This increase in performance can shorten scan times by up to 40%.

The 80 watt target power is optionally available for all X-ray tubes of the THE Plus product line with a maximum nominal voltage of up to 240 kV. Contact us and find out more about how you can benefit from the new 80-watt transmission tube in your applications.



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