The leading producer of pumps, valves and related systems, KSB, located in Pegnitz, Germany, has enforced its test facility by a modern microfocus rod anode tube with internal cooling supplied by the company X-RAY WorX.

One of the application areas is the inspection of valves for power plants and casted pump housings made from metallic materials. A special emphasis is put on the inspection of particular regions that are hard to access.

The internal cooling of the new rod anode tube supersedes the need to fix cooling hoses at the top of the rod anode. This facilitates the handling of the rod anode tube significantly. The efficient deduction of heat allows higher tube power at higher endurance, which can lead to lower exposure times. The new technique also allows the use of rod anode tubes in digital X-ray inspection systems with semi-automatic or automatic positioning of the tube.

"We have developed a new generation of microfocus rod anode tubes, which overcomes many disadvantages of tubes with external cooling", explains Thorsten Fröba, Development Manager and Technical Director of X-RAY WorX. "Especially the significant improvement of availability and efficiency of the tubes resulting in reduction of production times are very important for our customers."

The development and production of high resolution rod anode tubes for various application areas is one of the core competences of X-RAY WorX. The rod anode tubes of X-RAY WorX are used in important industries like power station construction and aerospace.