X-RAY WorX launches first 300 kV high power transmission tube

24. July 2015

To support the growing demand for high resolution X-ray sources in three-dimensional production testing and dimensional measurement, X-RAY WorX launches the first high power transmission tube with 300 kV acceleration voltage and 50 Watt target power.

The new high resolution microfocus tube XWT-300-THE Plus was developed to meet recent requirements of industrial computed tomography and measurement applications in various industries, like aerospace and automotive. The new X-ray tube features the well-known internal cooling of the transmission target and a special diamond based transmission target that delivers significant intensity also at acceleration voltages above 225 kV.

It allows for JIMA resolution of three microns over the whole voltage range from 50 kV up to 300 kV. Taking advantage of the same software functions that were already introduced with the 300 kV reflection tube XWT-300-SE, the new XWT-300-THE Plus currently represents the most powerful X-ray source for the inspection and measurement of high density materials at micron detail detectability and high magnification.

X-RAY WorX Microfocus X-Ray tube XWT-300-THE with cooling

Microfocus transmission tube XWT-300-THE Plus with cooling of the tube head