Innovative internal cooling for submicron-resolution X-ray tubes reduces movement of focal spot position by more than 90%

18. June 2014

Microfocus X-ray tube XWT-160-TCNF

X-RAY WorX has developed an innovative internal cooling for microfocus transmission tubes of the new product line TCNF. The new technology reduces the movement of the focal spot by more than 90% compared to the previously used external cooling.

Microfocus transmission tubes of the product line TCNF are mainly used for highest-resolution computed tomography (CT) with resolutions less than one micron (µm). Typical fields of application are e.g. research and development as well as semiconductor industry. To achieve detailed and sharp high resolution cross-sections, it is very important to maintain a stable focal spot position during the entire scanning time. The external cooling, which was previously developed by X-RAY WorX, already provided improved results compared to X-ray tubes without cooling. Now, the new internal cooling reduces movement of the focal spot by an additional amount of 90%.

Technically, the internal cooling is implemented by cooling channels inside the coils of the electron optics. An active cooler ensures a constant temperature of the cooling agent. When working with resolutions of less than 1 micron (µm), the movement of the focal spot is virtually no longer measurable. Tests in the laboratory showed focal spot movements of less than one micron over a period of four hours. The setup used for the testing was optimized for vibration-free operation. The tube was operated at 100kV, 2.6 Watt target power and approximately 0.8 µm resolution.

In addition TCNF X-ray tubes are equipped with the new High Resolution Diamond Target, which ensures continuous stability of the target surface during long-term CT-scans.

With both, the internal cooling and the High Resolution Diamond Target, the product line TCNF is the perfect solution for highest-resolution computed tomography applications requiring an extremely stable focal spot position and long-term stability during the scan. X-RAY WorX offers TCNF X-ray tubes with acceleration voltages of 100kV or 160kV.